How do you get a DreamWorld Membership?

Yes you heard that right DreamWorld membership is exclusive. We want only the Elite people that want to be rich, NO JEETS are allowed. As we want to have it exclusive there are some things needed to get a membership. Here is a list of what you can do to get a DreamWorld Membership: 1) Being one of the top holders of $DREAM: The top holders of $DREAM will be rewarded with a DreamWorld Membership. If you can show us that you are big whale in our project then for sure we can give you a membership for the elite group. 2) Stake certain amount of $DREAM: We will open a staking program on a later stage of the roadmap. To get a DreamWorld membership you will need to stake an X amount of tokens. This is just proof that you are elite. 3) Mint a DreamWorld NFT: If you want ownership you can also mint a DreamWorld NFT that will have rewards from itself but also will grant you access to be a DreamWorld member. Do you have what it takes? JOIN DREAMWORLD TODAY!

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